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Default Re: What to do with quinnponders appliqué?

Originally Posted by quinnponders View Post
I just can't figure out the Post Office! A package made it to Singapore already and yet a few of you gals are still waiting. It doesn't make any sense! Then again I mailed invitations and they made it two hours away the next day yet took 4 to get 2 blocks. I should have just walked it over myself!

Btw, I never thought of using them on the wipe cases. Cute idea!!
Yeah USPS is not my favorite. But what do you are at their mercy unfortunately I've had that happen with items, I've mailed out the same thing (postcard invitations) some to a place that's 45 min. away and then also to my mom who's 7 1/2 hrs. away...and guess who's gotten theirs first??? YEP, my mom!! How WEIRD & CRAZY is that????

To answer the question of the glue, I have used hot glue for the fabric appliques. For the resins, I haven't tried hot glue yet (I only make them for my dd), but I am going to try e6000 so that they are on their GOOD
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