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Default Interchangeable Headband Question/Issue

I've never made interchangeable headbands, I know how, just never done it. I'm still not sure how crazy I am about them, but I think my customers would like that option now that I have tons of flowers and such pretty FOE.

My question/issue is that the alligator clip is floppy...kwim? Should I be using 7/8" ribbon to make the loop instead? I even tried a mini alligator clip and it was just heavy and kinda flopped sideways, which is ok (I guess) with a flower, but a bow would look crooked. Am I doing something wrong? Would a no slip grip help hold it straight? I used the FOE Headband instructions posted here.

Also, on the inside where the loop is glued, the ribbon is hard the corners are a bit scratchy. Is there a tip that I'm missing so that doesn't happen? Or am I being too picky? That's why I quite making the stretch lace headbands, it took me forever because I obsessed over how scratchy the inside was.

Thanks for your help!!
Bobbi W. in Canada
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