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Default Hooray for pics!

So one of the moms from DD's gymbo class is a photographer and does pretty good work. I had been checking out her website and thought I'd ask if she would be interested in doing some product photography for me. She was very interested and even suggested doing a service swap instead of me paying her! Which is fantastic because my budget is roughly $0 at the moment!
I get an entire day of shooting (if we need it), with multiple models and outfit changes. We're doing mostly outdoor shots (this will be next month when it's a little warmer down here) and some indoor shots. I also told her I'd credit her work in my shop and on my Facebook fan page. Still waiting for her to get back with me with what she wants me to make but I am just so pumped that this is working out! I've been wanting to get some prof pics of my stuff since I started out.
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