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Default Re: Non-slip?

Did you look at the 'wholesale' section of The Ribbon Retreat? That's where the 1/4" velvet is at. It's not on the 'retail' site. (the link to the wholesale is on the left - you just have to 'register' to order from there) And I know for a fact that its there because I just ordered 3 colors that arrived a week ago.

There are a couple of different ways you can line with velvet. You can cut it to do a partial lining - (I think I cut a strip to 4 1/4 inches for a single prong clip). It's VERY easy to heat seal. I just hold the end up to a flame, and you can actually see it 'melt'. Very quick, very fast. I haven't tried using a wood burner on it - I'm a bit afraid since It reacts so quickly to heat.

Or you can just cut a small strip (heat seal) and then glue that directly underneath the prong - so if you lined it with a different ribbon, the velvet will be 'hidden'. (to clarify - line your clip, THEN glue on the velvet underneath)

I also use the 1/4" velvet to line the inside of my headbands (the plastic ones covered with ribbon). I'm sure there are alot of people who do that too.

I will say that I tried to looking around for magnets to try and copy the 'no slippy' clips - and honestly, it's way more trouble than it's worth. First, I couldn't find a magnent that was the same 'thickness' as the ones they use. At craft stores the magnets are on the thinner side. What makes those clips work so well (in my opinion) is that the magnet 'evens out' the clip. When you look at an unlined single prong clip from the side, you can see that the tips touch when closed, but near the base, there is space inbetween (does that make sense?) So by putting the magnet on, it closes 'evenly'. Then they line it in velvet. - for the 'grip'. They work well, but are bulky. So it's not really 'my thing'.

Anyway, hope that helped.
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