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Default Re: "Learn How to Make Bows" book & dvd -- good?

Originally Posted by dancindharma View Post
Hi there. I saw your comment about Emily's course "secrets to bow making success" and you said that people were not impressed because you can get the info for free. Can you let me know where you heard that? She is a good friend of mine actually and I know for a fact that has over 95% satisfaction rate, so I was just curious as to where you came up with that and if you would be so kind as to update your comment to reflect the truth. I'm not trying to be rude at all, I just don't think its fair to say negative things that are not true so I thought I would ask kindly about this.

I think you must be thinking about another course. I've never heard anyone say that and unless you have purchased it, you couldn't really know. Also, she does have a 60 day return policy.

Thanks a bunch!
I don't think that comment was made to be necessarily attackful to your friend. But, I can honestly say that I have bought at least 4 sets of instructions trying to find the perfect set. One set had a DVD, printed/bound book, etc. It was neat, but most of it was filled with useless information. If I had known about this forum before I bought them, then I would've saved my $$$. After becoming a member of this forum, I have since been unimpressed with all of my instructions. Mainly because this forum contains everything and MORE for FREE.
I know that there are people that work really hard on these instructional DVDs and all, but I just can't imagine that her instructions wouldn't just be re-inventing the wheel. I am honestly not trying to insult her work, but the original post was asking for an opinion and that's what was given. I'm sure that her set of instructions are great with great pics and clear instructions. But, I bet that most everything that is in her instructions are the same as some free tut's on here. I'm sure it does strike a nerve with you because you are a friend, but honest advice/opinions were given. When free tut's are available, then it makes paid instructions unimpressive...IMO.
Again, I don't think that the comment was made to insult your friend. It's just an opinion.
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