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Default Shaping

I have been working on twisted bows for awhile now, and although I feel like they are nice enough to sell and look good, I am not really happy with the shape. I feel like the top two loops are a little wider and not as long(not sure if that's the word I am looking for) as the bottom ones. Kind of like Pinsters bows( Hers are seriously AMAZING) Here is a picture for an example

To help give you an example of what I am wanting my loops to look like here is an example(NOTE*this is NOT my bow, if it's your picture I am just using it for an example)

I feel like my loops are off or something, and I notice that the ribbon in the picture seems more sturdy and thick or something.

I guess my question is how do I shape my loops to look longer, and the tops not as wide?

Any help is appreciated!!
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