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Default Does anyone make diaper cupcakes?

I started making the diaper cupcakes I have seen on etsy (the ones that people package in bakery boxes.) If you make them, do you sell them at your craft shows? Also, what would you charge? The ones I made had 4 cupcakes which included 2 pairs of nice Carters socks, 4 Pampers, 2 super soft knit caps (1 has an applique on it) and 2 bibs (1 with an applique.) The hats and bibs are from Kohls and are a very nice quality. I figured that the stuff in it cost about $8.40 and the box was $2.00 so I'm in it for more than 10 bucks. But the stuff I bought at Kohls was on sale and then I had a 30% off coupon so really it would have cost more. Too expensive to make to turn a profit?
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