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Default Bottlecap help???

Okay, so I have a bunch of questions. I have never attempted to make these, but i wanna try! So I have a few questions....

1) When printing images, can it be on regular paper, or does it have to be photo paper? I have heard you can cut stuff from magazines and such too, so I was just curious.

2) Can I use Durabond duraclear varnish? Or does it have to be the envirotex stuff?

3) When making them for hair bows, from what I understand, you put the image on the top(flat) piece of the bottlecap right? And, can you just hot glue it to the top of a bow, or does the inside have to be filled with foam or something first? (e6000?)

4) When making magnetic bottlecaps, for interchangeable necklaces, do you put the image on the inside of the cap, so the flat (smooth) side is the part you glue the magnet to?

I'm sorry it's so long, but I just want to make sure i am understanding them right?

Thanks so much for anyones input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Maria
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