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Default Re: EnviroTech Questions

I have only done the bottlecaps twice but I used a stir stick (wood) from starbucks to move the resin around. I like the idea of a medicine dropper but how do you clean it? Also, the resin does form bubbles but the best way to get them out was to blow through the straw at them BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREATH THE RESIN IN!!! You only blow out! It works wonders. Many people also use a lighter and move it back and forth over the caps but this didn't work for me. I have also heard taking a toothpick and moving the bubble to the edge but that didn't work for me either. I had tiny bubbles way in the bottom and on the sides that never came out. I love it when the caps domes but that doesn't always happen for me (must be a trick to it). I also only use the flatten bottlecaps so it's more of a deep round tray.

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