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Default how do you make fabric interchangeable headbands


Does anyone know how you make the fabric interchangeable headbands like these


I have the fabric but cannot get them to turn out like this. I sewed it inside out as a tube turned it in the right way then sew the ends together, but that made the headband wider where the seam is. Theres are sewn with the seams in.

I then sewed the tube but left a gap each end. Then sewed the ends together inside out thinking i would be able to pull it through the right way, through the gap i left from the lengthways bit. But that doesn't work at all.
Hope this makes sense to somebody.

I have tried and tried, but they keep coming out terrible and am ready to throw my sewing machine across the room it's so frustrating..

ok maybe not...

Any help would be great though.
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