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Default Re: Funky fun loopy bow

I think it's a 3 layers bow with spikes. A 1.5" twisted boutique bottom bow, then a 7/8" twisted boutique bow (not so nicely made- sorry) then on top is a 2 loops twisted. Spikes (without V-cut!) under the bottom bow (The middle spike is 1.5" red ribbon lined with 7/8" hot pink and 3/8" ribbon with heart print ; korkers and marabou between the top two layers. I personally would oprefer spikes with V-cut or with diagonal cut.

Another way you could try is make a 1.5" twisted then if you already know how to make a funky loopy bow with spikes , do the same with the loops and spikes but instead of attach them to a fench clip, attach them to the center of the bottom bow (If it a french clip you will spread the loops out but you just wrap them to the center of the bottom bows. those spikes and loopies will jammed up in one spot. Add as many as you can :-)! when you're done, twist the loops and pull them out and fluff them up. do the same with spikes. Add an alligator clip. Starch your bow.

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