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Default Re: Spikes...uugghhh!!

Originally Posted by jenniflower View Post
That tut was the best Lynn!!! I did spikes! Now I use a wood burner tool, but I ruined my first spikes trying to seal with it, do you just use a lighter or what? Thanks!
I fold my spikes in half lengthwise, then make a TINY hole w/the wood burner (not large enough to affect the overall appearance) at the point in the folded edge that's equal to half the width of the unfolded ribbon. KWIM? (i.e., I burned a tiny hole that's about 3/4" down on a 1 1/2" ribbon) I then unfold the ribbon and--with the ribbon positioned so that the ribbon "v" (the center fold that I made being the center of the "v") faces downward, in order to keep the ribbon edges down on the cutting surface--make a straight-line cut from the center hole that I burned all the way out to either corner of the ribbon end. I repeat the process for the other end of the spike (or whatever length of ribbon I happen to be using).
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