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Default Re: How to lined/wrapped headband

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
I use 1/4" velcro to hold the headband in place. It works better than my no slip grip which is silicone. The double sided tape I use is Sealah brand or Specialty Tape. There are usually group buys going on for the second one. I would not use any double sided tape you find in the stores. They are not commercial grade as these are. Hth!

Oh, I also don't overlap my ribbon. I just hold it really tight as I am wrapping it and make sure the ends touch with no gaps in the ribbon at all. The only place I have to overlap is when beginning and ending the ribbon. I have to do that to change my angle.

that is amazingly helpful!!!!! thank you so much. yay! so many new things to try. but never enough time
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