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Default Re: Washer necklaces - Is there a better way?

Hi, I know I am a Newbie on this Forum, but I would like to share what I bought last night for the Washers cutting Problem. First I bought the Flat Washers (Crown Bolt) at Home Depot -size 1/2"(inside hole) , they come 25pcs to a bag , they measure 1 3/8" . And I bought a BIG 2" Washer (just bought 1 to see if they would work)but they do come in a box if you want more. Next I bought the Circle Cutter by Martha Stewart(love Martha), and I saw it on 1 of her shows. This Cutter can cut the small washers above at the 1 3/8" and the large one above at 1 15/16". They are perfect cuts. I used Scrapbook Paper. But I also used the templates for the big one from someone on here????. You just have to hold it down firmly. I did have to cut the inside hole with a X Knife, but its better than cutting the big and the small circles. Also you can use a 40% coupon at Michaels and get it Cheaper. You get 3 refill blades with the Cutter. I did about 30 in about 15min. Had fun this morning as I watched my daughter eat Breakfast and cutting these. This cutter will cut circles from 1" to 5 1/2" in 1/16inch increments.

Hope this helps the Scissor Cutting Ones.
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