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Just thought I would post since I took the time to try and figure it out…

I think that any textiles intended for clothing have to be tested against:

16 CFR 1610

Page 4

However if they sell the tulle as a decoration or favor type product...I guess it is a loophole and they do not have to test.

What I am getting at is I thought that certain suppliers were doing something special to the tulle to make it flame retardant but I don’t think it is the case. I think they are using NYLON tulle...that everybody has and simply doing the test on it.

I spoke to a guy at Tulle Source today and he told me that NYLON tulle is inherently flame retardant and tends to extinguish its self. They do nothing special to make the tulle flame retardant; they just test it to make sure it meets the standards. He also stated that they test monthly to make sure it meets the CPSIA requirements for lead.

I have never seen tulle on fire so I have no idea if this is true!
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