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Default Scrabble tiles, glass necklaces, Question

I am making some of these for the kiddos and bought supplies to make these. Just need a few more things.

What glue do you girls use to glue the pictures/paper onto the tiles?

Well which works better?

Which sealant should I use, I heard ET lite, etc. I heard that glossy accents works. If so, where do I get glossy accents, et lite? Crystal lacquer.....etc.

I bought some bail, tiles, glass, pictures and paper and I printed some little pics of the kids to put on some.

If you wanna PM me, that is fine. I am just trying to dom something different for the kiddos and this idea of their little pictures on neckalces sounds so wonderful!

Also for bottlecaps, which epoxy/gloss works best?


I know, I looked around but hoping to see which works best for what thing? I never read anything clear, answer wise for that.

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