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Default Re: Do you bake your bows??

I bake and starch, there are a lot of good tips on degrees and times to cook from the ladies on here. It also depends on the type of ribbon.. ex. cheaper ribbon, swiss dots(as they can bleed), etc. Some do it at a higher degree(300) for 15-25min.. some do it at 200 for an hour.. I am still trying to find the right temp and time for mine. when I starch the crap out of them and leave them for a long time, they get VERY stiff and will not move, I have also had some that i starch medium and leave them in the same amount of time and it seems as they are not even starched at all! Some on here starch before and after baking them.. some starch and hairspray and not bake... I havent had any problems with the ones I have made so far not holding up, good luck!
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