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Default Re: A Not-So-Full Tie Tutu?

Originally Posted by mum2one View Post
Ohhhh I really like your Petti-Tutus!! Super CUTE!! Are they like your regular tutu but you just cut and tie an extra piece of tulle at the bottom??

I just do just one layer of tulle and tie them super close together. I've tried two layers but the knots are soooo large ;( so I'm keeping my tutus just to the one layer.

[URL=" ategory%3D255"]
Cute tutu!

For the petti-tutu. The strips that are tied onto the bottom are 5 x 6 it takes loads of tulle and loads of work! And YES, just tied on, if you want to, you can tie the end of the tulle on the tutu (like a tied end tutu) and then tie the extra piece above the knot, so that it doesn't slip off the end.

I want to say they are worth alot more, but I know as an individual, I wouldn't pay more than what I'm charging!


If you click on the photos on this page PETTI-TUTUs most of them will open and you can zoom.

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