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Default Re: boutique birthday hats

I just made one about 2 weeks ago as part of an outfit for my daughter's 2nd b-day (there is a thread somewhere with pics - I'll see if I can find it).

I just made a cone out of poster board & taped it together (I free handed it but you could probably take apart a regular cheapo b-day hat to use as a "template") I covered it with fabric & I could easily have embroidered on the fabric before adding it to the poster board. I just used hot glue on the seam & bottom edges but E6000 stuff might work better.

Then I hot glued mirabou around the bottom edge onto the fabric. Punched holes above the mirabou & used elastic - just tacked it down & kind of hid the ends under the mirabou. I clipped a korker to the top but a puff of mirabou would work as well.
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