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Default Re: Duck brand non-slip liners not sticking??

Thanks! I was pressing really hard as well. When I rub my finger over where it starts it just starts to peal off??? I really hoping I can get it to stick I am so sick of gluing the shelf liners in! O ya I also tried another piece and it did the same. Anyone else have this problem as well or had the same problem then found out how to fix it?? PLEASE HELP!

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
I use it, but I've not had any problems with it not sticking. I'm sorry you're having this problem, because it's really great stuff. When I stick it on I press really firmly on it, but you're probably doing that, too. When I first used it I hot glued it on, but now I just stick it on. Try a different piece and see how that works. I hope you can get it to work for you.
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