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Default Re: Help getting frustrated

I use the SAME salon clips. Ive actually only made 1 bow with it but it was by FAR my best bow yet. It came out SO even. Before then i was using paper clips and they worked but would smash the bow and they would come out uneven. So i would just get the salon clip instead of the gator bite.

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
Awww, that would be sweet. Tell him you HAVE to have them. LOL! In the meantime, while you wait for your hubby to get them for you here is a snazzy tutorial on how to make templates out of cardboard: You can also use a Sally's salon clip until you get a Gator Bite:,pd.html. This site has some really good bow making tutorials, resources and info: They use the salon clip in their boutique bow and pinwheel tutorial. I hope this helps.
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