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Originally Posted by ILOVEMYREDHEADS View Post
I made over 130 tutus for my big show last year....I didn't use a tut b/c I had bought one when I was on vacation.

I use the spools of tulle (6inches wide) and layer two to three pieces on top of each other to make it really full. I also squish the pieces as close together as I can so you cannot see the elastic or ribbon.

I didn't have a problem with the elastic stretching.

A great tip that I found on here is to wrap the tulle around a cookie sheet (across the longest part) and get really even pieces.

For short tutus I made my pieces probably 12 inches long.

Let me know if you have questions. I can show you one too if you want.
130?? WOW! LOL Yes, I would love to see one. The one I did wasn't too bad, but I just had to kind of guess with the sizes. I already bought my tulle and didn't buy the spool kind. So I will just go with your measurements. I didn't know to stack them, that's a good idea.

I still don't know why my elastic was stretching. I sewed my elastic together and then as I started adding tulle I was pushing them really REALLY close and pulling them super tight. I noticed as I kept going the elastic wasn't stretchy anymore, it was like stretched out.
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