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Default Easy fold for 1st graders?

My niece is in Brownies-she's in 1st grade-and my SIL is one of the head mom's or whatever you call them who runs the meetings, etc.

She emailed me today to ask if I would come to their next meeting and show the girls how to make a bow. They are taking them to the hospital or something like that, but whatever it is, the girls have to make it. I don't have the TOTT instructions-I have some from LAMB, but I don't use them because the way I do my bows is easier for me, but wouldn't be for the girls if that makes any sense?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone had anything that you think would be simple for them to learn (with pics b/c I am a visual learner-lol!)...I planned on probably using 7/8" ribbon, but it doesn't HAVE to be that-that's just what I normally use.

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