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Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
You should post your stuff and let us make up names for you!
Oh that would be great! I can't wish for more...

Originally Posted by Rozachka2 View Post
the first thing came to my mind is "Winter mornig" don't know why?!
i wish we had snow here. this year winter sucks here in WA, well maybe it's just my's sunny today, but little bet chilly.
Oh we can share some snow. It's about 30cm thick here. I know it's nothing compared with what you have in some cold area, but they said England hasn't experiencing such a bad freeze in the last 30 years LOl. I like Winter bliss and Winter morning, too, but as I said above may be I will wait to next winter and make some other necklaces to use them names.
Originally Posted by butterflyladybug01 View Post
How about blue lagoon glitz or pure as rain. I know might be corny.
Aw I like both. Thank you so much

What I love is posting my items here and asking for names (Well I did it before I know I will end up having so many great suggestion and inspring names . So it's hard to pick just one, but on the other hand, I will have many cute names to save for later uses, and they inspire me to sketch new projects. I just love it! Thank you so much for your helps, HGs!!!
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