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Originally Posted by Amyte View Post
Your creations are beautiful. and very original. how about naming them as you would a person like the "Diana" maybe choose a movie stars name....just the first name obviously...."the marilyn collection" sounds fancy to me!!!!!
yes, that's a great idea. I saw people naming their things 'Eva, Anna, Stephanie, etc' and they sounds quite appropriate with their items. Problem is whenever I tried to do mine that way it sounds silly LOL. I love 'the marilyn collection' though. Very sexy :-) Thank you.

Originally Posted by Kayleysmom View Post
Simply gorgeous Lynn, and yes, it is snowing big time here, school is letting out very early.
Oh! Thanks. Schools were closed here and even buses and postal service was suspended. Iy's over though. You stay warm and safe!

Originally Posted by hypatia23 View Post
PERFECTLY GORGEOUS! BTW-I played around with your instructions, but of course didn't do them justice
Turquoise is my fav. color too~I like the snow poem how about
*Winter Blues*

I'm very bad at naming things too~I'd rather just name babies
I hope you like the instructions. If you ever need help, just let me know! I like Winter Blues, too. Sounds beautiful but I want it to be worn all year long LOL due to the fact that winter is almost over and it's long to wait till next one
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