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Default Re: A Not-So-Full Tie Tutu?

Ohhhh I really like your Petti-Tutus!! Super CUTE!! Are they like your regular tutu but you just cut and tie an extra piece of tulle at the bottom??

I just do just one layer of tulle and tie them super close together. I've tried two layers but the knots are soooo large ;( so I'm keeping my tutus just to the one layer.

Originally Posted by OBABY View Post
Hi there,
Yeah....thats it. I'm also pretty new to all this, but also do the tied tutus.
I started out only using one layer - now I'm adding a second and tying again after I've done the first layer - twice as long to tie, but I can't seem to get the knot smaller if I do it with 2 layers or more? Any tips on that would be great.
You can see my pics on if you are interested.
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