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Default Re: Can someone help me with korker ribbon!?

Originally Posted by butterflyladybug01 View Post
I put mine in at 275 for 25 min. I startch them after I bake them on a paper white paper towel. ( Helps keep the counters clean. LOL!) If your using saddle stitch to kroker with I startch them first before I bake them. If you using satin ribbon it will be limp and floppy even with a little startch. ( at least that is what happens to me.)

Good Luck and Happy Krokering!
I am still new at this and am a little confused. What is saddle stitch (a kind of ribbon??) and I am using grosgrain should I bake them then take them off the dowels and let them air dry? I think anything is worth a try at this point...It is so frustrating.
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