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Default Re: fabric circle cutter thing from Micheals

I've been playing with mine a LOT more.. and I think I got the hang of it now. It's kind of fun.. about had a heart attack when my almost 2 yr old grabbed it off the table and took off running with it though. He's like his daddy demanding and thinks ALL my attention should be on him and only him. If I'm not paying attention to him he's tearing something up.... Thankfully I caught him before he cut himself.
I was trying to make more flowers last night and he kept grabbing my circles... Good lord I have to make him a bedtime instead of letting him say up until I go to bed. I can't get anything done with him around. Good thing he's cut or I might be tempted to give him away.
I would suggest to NEVER allow your kids to sleep with you because once you start it's nearly impossible to get them out of your bed.
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