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Default Re: Help with my twisted bow!

I think your probelm (if any :-) ) is the center crease. You've got the fold nicely done, then when you make an accordian fold for the crease, the bottom part should be folded all the way down not half way. It's hard to explain. To make an accordian fold, you fold your bow in the middle in half with two sides facing upward, then bring the two sides down again. Some call it accordian fold, some call it the M fold. Your top side was brought back all the way down to make the last stroke of the M when your bottom side of your crease stays just in mid way so the first stroke of the M is half way short. That make the two bottom loops look the way they look now while the two top loops are nice and perky.

I know it's really hard to explain it but I hope it helps somehow. Practice makes perfect and you're in the right track. Keep doing the good work.
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