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Default Re: Learn from my mistake!

Oh, I LOVE IT!!!! You made my whole day! That's awesome.

I am laughing 'cause that's the kind of crazy stuff I do. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that. In my last korker batch, I sprayed them with starch and then baked (I swear someone said you can do that). Well...I had toasty ribbon, toasty dowel rods, toasty everything! NOT GOOD!

You know- I did something similar with a non-microwavable safe bowl. I didn't think to look at the bowl and see if it was safe. UM NOPE! Melted the whole bowl. It wouldn't have been so bad except it was in front of my STUDENTS and in the CAFETERIA at school! I stunk up the whole place!

Reminds me of the time that I had sewage back up and run through the lab into the math teacher's room.... LOL (that was a good one) about the time I had the entire school evacuated due to a gas leak????

Really, thanks for the laugh. I think that's awesome!

Tonya- I'm a science nerd too.
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