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Default Re: Need help making lined clippies!!!!

for partially lined which is what I use I use 4 1/2" ribbon- I LOVE the 1/4 ds tape for the clippies esp if they aren't going to be completely covered with bow or flower! Hot glue can be clumpy esp if you're just starting. I do use hot glue for my flowers or appliques- make sure your glue is VERY hot and a high temp gun and sticks.

Originally Posted by msgoode2u View Post
I want to start making lined clippies. I buy a lot of them so I figured I'd like to make them myself as well.

It might sound silly but I want to make sure that the following is all I need to make some.

Alligator clips
3/8 ribbon
Hot glue gun or doublesided tape ( using one better than the other?)

And if I want to add flowers, just get flowers from HH, HB, Michaels, etc?

And appliques, just hot glue to the top of the clippie?

Oh also was wondering, can appliques/flowers be applied with double sided tape (bought some 1/4 & 3/8 in a group buy) or is it more secure to hot glue it?

Thanks in advance for your responses!
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