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Default Re: Learn from my mistake!

My inner scientist is sooooo wanting to break out on this one, lol! I'll try to spare you all the details that can be 'boring' to anyone who isn't as geeky as I am.

Due to the way microwaves cook, there's actually no way to lower the 'temperature.' Even when you lower the 'power setting' they'll cook for a few seconds and then rest, cook for a few more seconds and rest some more, and so on and so forth. Listen to yours the next time you cook something on a lower setting - you can actually hear it turning on and off the whole time.

I really, really, really wouldn't recommend putting anything in a microwave other than the types of food meant to be cooked in them. The reason many different foods do so well is that they some form of liquid content that makes it possible to be cooked in this manner. The micro waves emitted by the microwave cook the food by affecting the water molecules. Things that are fundamentally dry won't do so well because what small amount of liquid there is will burn off super fast, causing bad things to happen.

Alright, you've all had your dose of science for the day. Hopefully that wasn't too detailed.

I totally have to give you massive props for trying though! Sure the temp can't be reduced, but the cooking time could. I can't help but wonder what only 5-10 seconds would do. Not that I'll try it myself...
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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