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Default Re: Can someone help me with korker ribbon!?

Originally Posted by auntto4 View Post
I am trying to make korker ribbon and when I pulled it out of the oven and took it off the dowels it is not stiff, this is causing me alot of problems. If a kid was to pull on a ribbon it would strech it out and lose it's shape. I don't know why they are doing this. I cooked them at 275degrees for over an hour some, 30 min. some and they are all comming out the same. I also sprayed them with starch before putting them in the oven, and it didn't help either...If anyone knows why or could give me any advice, I would appriciate it. Thanks.
Even when ribbon is starched and korked, it will not be so stiff that it doesn't move. You should still be able to stretch it out. It should curl back right back up though. It may stretch the curls a tiny bit, but it should still curl right back up. But, if you stretch the ribbon out and it stays flat, then you have some problems. Can you post a picture of your korked ribbon?
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