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Default Re: Washer necklaces - Is there a better way?

Originally Posted by BowHeadz View Post
SO, I've fallen in love ,with making washer neckalces. I absolutely adore them. I think I've made one for myself out of every single paper HL and Michael's sells.
However, as much as I love them...I HATE cutting the circles out. It is so annoying and my fingers have permanent sissor indentions seeing as how I just cut 125 circles!
Someone please tell me there is an easier way to do this. I wish I could find someone to make me a die for my cuttlebug to do it. fingers are going to fall off!!
I use the washer itself and use a crafters knife and cut around. I cut the center first and then place the washer down on it and cut the outer. I sometimes glue the paper down first then cut. I hated using scissors, this was I can cut about 50 in an hour.
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