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Default Re: tiny puppy bows

I have been getting alot of requests for dog bows lately. Everyone seems to be different in what they want. Some people like them on the small gumbands / rubberbands. Some people like to have them on small french clips. And some people like them on single prong alligator clips. My groomer orders them either on bitty french clips or alli clips. She usuallly puts a gumband in the dogs hair to hold it, then slides the french clip around it or the alli clip through it. It seems like personal preference. I sold some bows to a woman who is a member of yorkie club, and now all her friends order them through me, but they are all over the board on what they like the bows attached to. It seems like I will never satisfy everyone of I give only one choice, but so far they seem to be happy to wait for custom orders made the way they want them. And as long as they keep sending me orders for lots of bows, I'm ok with that!
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