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Default Re: question about making the headbands

Originally Posted by Punkynmunky View Post
I've made a couple headbands for dd. They turned out fairly well. I have a couple questions though...

Do you glue it just on the ends, or anywhere else too?

It seems that once I get past the middle, it is difficult for me to keep the back side smooth against the headband, any tricks??

Is your headband tapered at the ends? If it is, then you will get ribbon not wanting to lay flat once you reach the halfway point. I'm not sure how to fix it. I've only made 3 headbands so far. I noticed I had that problem with the headband that had tapered ends. The headbands that were the same width along the whole thing, didn't do that. Maybe someone else has some helpful tips for this. I'm wondering about it too.

And to answer your question, I only use glue on the ends of the diamondback weave. When I used the braid and also when I just ribbon wrapped, I used glue along the whole headband.
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