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Default Re: Cheer Bows??

Similarly, I do not use a lot of heat n bond either. When a team would like the layers of their bows fused together, I use E6000. It stinks like all get out, but works better than heat n bond. It takes a lot of pulling to separate ribbons that are glued. I normally only use heat n bond now for fusing sequined fabric to ribbon.

Nice bow. Love the color and pattern.

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Now I disagree with the ALL heat n bond. I use heat n bond for my sequins or mystic to fuse onto the ribbon. This is a bow I just made for a local team for basketball. I actually don't even use the bowmaker (from TRR) I mark the middle and how many inches out from the middle then fold onto the needle, crease, sew and secure. I do tack the loop of the bow where the ribbon is at the middle to keep it all lined up. I also have my teams store their bows in the clear plastic containers so the bows do not get messed up.

This bow is usually $9 (for a 2 layer non-sequin) but because it was a rush order it was $11/bow. 3 layer, with my standard 6" tails is $11, anything with fusing ribbon goes up from there depending on how many layers I'm going to be fusing. If you are just using the metallic ribbon then you won't have as much work. I made up a standard pricing chart for my squads since I have several schools I work with. This allows the coach and the parents decide on what they want to spend vs. what the bow will look like. It took the confusion away and I think increased sales for me!

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