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Default Instructions for stacked big bow

So i havent really attempted to make the BIG bow... it looks so intimidating so i havent been brave! WELL IM READY. I know how to do the twisted bow but they do not come out 100% i usally have to redo them. I have the temp from LAMB but i dont use them because my bows NEVER come out that way but i do use the Gator Bite. I would like to find instructions on how to make the big bow with mesurements and widths for each layer. I have had a bad 2009 so my 2010 yr i want to be able to accomplish this one. My mother was diagnosed with stage for breast cancer and is doing chemo every three weeks my brother inlaw just passed right after thanksgiving he was 26yrs young, he had an autoimmune hepitias his immune system attacks his liver pretty much causing him to have serrosis. I want to be freash this year and move foward with my hairbows i want do shows i want to find my peace making my bows. SORRY for the long story, i just want to find really good instructions that will get me those nice bows everytime. Thanks for any advice yet to come
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