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Default Re: Look what I bought - bow storage!!

Well at the beginning of the holilday season, I seen these and thought the same thing, but was too cheap to pay the retail and for about 2 weeks every chance I had with a 40% off coupon would pick a set up till I had about 5 sets. Then come to find out, my next door neighbors sister works there. And she said let me pick them up and we can add my discount too. Well I said great I will take 5 more, well guess what-not only did I get them for the 40% off, they were having a employee day and they got an additional 10% off plus their regular 15%, I got 5 more for 65% off of the retail of I think they were 24.95 for each set. And they work fantastic
for bow storage and ribbon storage.
Yesterday while at K-Mart they have the same brand, but they are a bit smaller and there is only 2 trays and no dividers, but I picked up 3 sets for like 8.00 a set, I know I have ribbon etc I can store in them.
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