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Default Re: What I use instead of a Gator Bite!

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
I think it takes up too much time. If I were doing one or two but when I'm making a bunch I can get more done by doing it by hand. I've thought about selling it but then I think that maybe I'll use it in the future? IDK. I also have one of the template packages too that I don't use either cuz it seems to be a pain for me. I am tempted to get the NBNG but I think to myself, will I just use it once or twice and then have it sit in my drawer too? What would be nice if I could see the templates and some of the instructions before I would buy. Just to know if I would really use (not to steal ideas cuz I know how hard the ladies worked to make them).
I feel the same way about the templates. But I already like my "system" quite well & I really don't know that I'd switch to templates even if they were amazing. I understand that they have to protect their product, but it does make it hard for me to buy something that I can't really see & understand completely beforehand.

And about the Sally clips, when I do use them, I do like the previous poster said & clip the end with an alligator clip - works great!
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