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Default Re: Looking for good instructions

I've bought several instructions. One of them came with a book, but I can't remember the name of it right off hand. I think I got it on ebay (I think it was Roni's Boutique or something like that). I have actually bought about 3 or 4 books, ebooks, and/or cd's. All of them have some good parts, but none of them were the "must have" books. I got some instructions on the lookatmebaby website when I ordered my Gator Bite and I've ordered some woven headband instructions, etc, etc. However, most of the instructions I bought were before I discovered this forum (arrgh!). I have spent A LOT of money on instructions to where only few parts were useful to me. Trust me when I say, it would be well worth your money to just take a day and go through this forum and put together your own useful instructions. This forum BY FAR has been the most help to me. However, if you do need some sort of book, I would just do some searching on Ebay or Etsy. I would just make sure that it looks as if it covers a wide variety of stuff. BUT, I would caution you to not focus on how many pages a book may have. In other words, just because an instructional cd/book/ebook may say it has 250 pages doesn't mean it has 250 pages full of useful stuff. It may be more like 20 pages of useful stuff and 230 pages of non-essential fluff. HTH
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