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Default What I use instead of a Gator Bite!

I had no idea what a gator bite was until today! This is what I do and thought I would share

1st Step: Fold your bow. I use the fiqure 8 and my bows are the butterfly fold. I'm sure you could use and fold.

Step 2: Take a double prong clip and clip both sides together...make sure you have both. Lay it down on a flat surface.

Step 3: Take bow wire...found at Michael's, Wal-mart, etc. and go underneath your bow and make a loose tie as shown.

Step 4: This can be tricky. Hold down your bow and begin to pull on the wire. See the folds? They will begin to crunch up..that is a good thing!

Step 5: Continue pulling all the way to the middle. You will see all the creases.

Step 6: Tie it off! Holding down the bow in the middle, with your other hand tie it off.

You have a cute, butterfly bow...just add a middle
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