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Default Re: How I attach korker bows to clips :)

Beautiful bow! I love the method. I never thought about doing it for korkers! That's how I attach my flower loop bows. I will definitely be trying that out!

Lauren, Sewing them is definitely an option but you definitely need a good, strong thread. I sew my little korkers but the larger ones I use elastic thread.

The Ribbon Retreat's website has free instructions on korkers. The #3 Method is sewing. Here's the link Korker Instructions
Once you have your ribbon cut and sealed, use a large needle and place each piece of ribbon on the needle but keeping it ON the needle. Keep putting pieces on turning them to make it nice and round. Once finished pull the needle through and make several stitches to secure it. When I tried to do the larger korkers I had to use the table to help push the needle through.

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