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Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
I know what post you mean. I don't remember where it is but I did do that method on my ribbon after reading it. What you would do is after cutting your ribbon for the toggle, you lay it flat and tape it down on either side with blue painter's tape. Leave a 1/2" strip down the center of the ribbon that you will add clear silicone adhesive to. Add enough of the silicone so that when you smooth it out it will evenly cover the open strip of your ribbon. The painter's tape will keep it nice and neat so that after it has dried (I wait overnight), all you do is pull off the tape and you are left with a perfect strip of no-slip silicone grip down the center of your ribbon. Then continue making your toggle as shown in that tutorial. I hope what I said made sense!
YAY thank you thank you!!
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