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Default Re: How to make Interchangeable Necklaces

Originally Posted by Lollipopcreations View Post
Thank you for all the great details. I make my necklaces the same way and have found the following etsy seller has a nice selection of quality magnets:

Also, I am having problems lately with Walgreens refusing to print some of my bottle cap images. Some I have created myself & some I have purchased via etsy.

So, I tried printing them at home on photo paper but when I glaze them the graphics smear. Do you have any suggestions for protecting the image from smearing or possibly using a different kind of photo paper?

I have tried putting clear packaging tape over the image first to protect it, but that didn't work. It still smeared.

Thanks so much!

just wondering in you ever got an answer to your question? wondering the same thing, do you take the bottle cap images and reprint them after you receive them? i think i saw some where you have to laser print them so them image does not smear when you seal it, is that right? TIA
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