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Default Re: Calling All Photographers! Lighting Kits

Originally Posted by NYGalinSteerland View Post
If you are looking for the best natural light, it is at sunrise and sunset. That is when I take my pictures outside.
What are you using right now, besides the camera?
Right now I'm just using my camera, natural light, & lots of editing. I would just like it to go quicker, know what I mean? Editing takes such a long time, it's a pain in the butt sometimes!

Originally Posted by mommyof3princesses View Post
I have 2 strobe lights from cowboy studio and then I bought a seperate backdrop kit on amazon. I don't have either of those but I can tell you that those light bulbs are HUGE!!! You will get a ton of light from them! If you have any questions send me a PM!
Thank you, I'm gonna PM you.
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