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Default bottlecap help

I am looking to add some bottlecaps to some of my bows, but having never made bottlecaps I am trying to figure out how best to attach them to the bow center before I either buy premade ones or attempt to make them entirely. I've heard of mounting tabs and hot glue, is it just as basic as that? Putting a mounting tab in the center of the inner cap, and massively hotgluing it to the bow? That sounds too easy, and are the bottlecaps used the same bottlecaps for bottles (just not on bottles yet?). Please pardon my ignorance, I've admired bottlecap bows but never taken the time to learn how best to make my DD desperately wants a Hello Kitty one and I want to get/make (don't care which) princess, ballet etc for her.

thank you so much!
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