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Default Re: What am I doing wrong??

Originally Posted by Tonya View Post
One thing I've found that I absolutely have to do is make sure that the korkers are all 'fanned out' and going every single direction evenly. If the flattened out part where you sew them doesn't have any spots where the korkers are 'heavier' in one direction than the others, then it should be equal when it's done.

I've had a few in the past that have come out looking uneven to me, and once I figured out to really pay attention and rotate each korker just a smidge from the direction of the one below it as I was sewing them, they started turning out better.
I tried to get them fanned out and it seemed like they all went back together after I sewed them together. With my next one I am going to try more Korkers and try and keep them in place a little better.
Thanks Daisy!
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