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Default Re: microwave bows?

Originally Posted by Lynn* View Post
I used to microwave my bow and spray starch it later. The heat secure the shape of the bow because the ribbon is polyester. (about 20 m 800 w) after being microwaved the bow can be scrunched up in my hand and when I release it it bounce back again. Then I starch spray it and dry it with a hair blow dryer or alternatively a mini fan heater (in case I do a bunch of them). Works great for me.

As Shelley said, make sure your ribbon is not metallic.
OH wow! It works dry? I thought microwaves worked by exciting water molecules & causing friction. Now I have to go google microwaves.... (I am spending far too much time in school LMBO)

OK just googled. Microwaves excite water and "other polar molecules". I'm such a dork!
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