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Default Re: RABOM's DIY Key Fob Kit?

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Kate - you can do only the heatnbond but I would try to the heatnbond strong but it still may pull up over time. The sewing (it's only a straight stitch) keeps the edges flat. I've never done one without sewing so it'd be an experiment.

Nylon webbing - wouldn't the iron affect this? melting? I only use the cotton webbing.
Yeah, I use the heat and bond and then run a stitch down the side.

I will let you know about the webbing-I'll try to do them as soon as I get a few orders finished up. I do know at my last festival, I had a few people who bought mine tell me that someone else was selling them and they liked the thicker webbing better. I always use a sheet when I iron on everything so we'll see how it goes!

ETA: their directions they say to use Fabric Tac or similar heat and bond mentioned
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